Dr. Vladovic Will Decide the Fate of LaMotte’s Seat

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Dr. VladovicAs we draw closer to Tuesday’s defining LAUSD Board decision on whether to leave Marguerite LaMotte’s seat vacant for 6-8 long months to allow for a special election or fill it with the appointment of George McKenna, it has become clear that the decision rest with one man: LAUSD Board President Richard Vladovic.

Richard Vladovic is “The Decider.”

Richard Vladovic will determine whether the children and schools of District 1 will have immediate representation through an appointment of Dr. McKenna or are left without a representative for 6 to 8 months long months during critical budget items and the establishment of education policy that will impact a generation of learners.

Richard Vladovic will decide whether District 1 is at the decision-making table or on the menu.

It takes four votes for an appointment, and Dr. Richard Vladovic is the fourth vote the District 1 community needs.

Dr. Vladovic (known as “Dr. V.”) represents District 7, which includes historic South Central, Watts, Willowbrook, Carson, San Pedro and much of Gardena. Join with community groups at a meeting in his district to discuss the vacancy in District 1 on Saturday, January 4 at 10 am: Watts Education Town Hall.

Also, sign the petition/send an email to the LAUSD board and call him at 213-241-6385 today!


LAUSD Board Delays Vote Until After Ms. LaMotte’s Burial

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LAUSD Board members Bennett Kayser, Monica Ratliff and Steve Zimmer stopped the rush to decide how to fill Marguerite LaMotte’s vacant seat before she has been laid to rest. “Rule 72″ is a LAUSD Board rule that requires 13 days of public notice before the Board can act on any item. Under normal circumstances Rule 72 would have prevented consideration of filling the vacancy until after Ms. LaMotte’s funeral. However, the Board can suspend the rule by approving a “Rule 72 waiver” that requires four votes for passage. With only three votes in favor of taking up replacing Ms. LaMotte on Tuesday. (Tamar Galatzan, Monica Garcia and Dr. Richard Vladovic), the waiver failed, and Ms. LaMotte can be properly buried before consideration of how to replace her takes place, just as we requested prior to the Board meeting. (Read our full statement before the vote below). The item is scheduled to be taken up at the next LAUSD Board meeting on January 7.

Please take a second to send board members Kayser, Ratliff and Zimmer a thank you email for showing Ms. LaMotte and our community, which is still processing her passing, respect on Tuesday::,,

Marguerite LaMotte’s home going services begin today, starting at noon at Angelus Funeral Home, where she is lying in repose. Click here for the full schedule of opportunities to pay your respects to our fallen warrior.

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Urgent Call to Action to Save Ms. LaMotte’s Board Seat & Our Voice

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Oppose the LAUSD Board’s Attempt to Leave Ms. LaMotte’s Seat Vacant for 6 to 8 Months!


Sign the petition that will be emailed to all of the LAUSD Board Members.


Demand they appoint a caretaker and not leave our seat at the Board table empty for 6 to 8 months!

Dr. Richard Vladovic: (213) 241-6385

Steve Zimmer: (213) 241-6387


Tuesday, December 17 1 PM – 333 S. Beaudry Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90017

You are strongly encouraged to come early! (parking is validated)

For more info and get more involved email

Download the Call to Action flyer

lamotte-74thstreetA McKenna Appointment Puts Kids First. A Special Election is Playing Politics at the Expense of Marguerite’s “Babies”

So many of us have been devastated by the loss of our friend and a real champion for our school children, Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte. Before we can even provide her a proper home going ceremony, the LAUSD Board of Education is scheduled to vote on how to fill her seat. The fact that the LAUSD Board would even discuss this now is disrespectful to Marguerite! Nonetheless, we must be prepared to stand up for the kids Ms. LaMotte left us to look after.

The School Board’s Two Options:

The Board has two choices: a special election or an appointment of a caretaker to finish the term, as they did when Diane Watson moved from the School Board to State Senate.

A Special Election Hurts our Children:

A special election process would not be finished until at least June more likely August. That means District 1 would have no vote on the Board for 6 to 8 long months. While the adults would be busy playing politics, the children of our community and LAUSD would be left to suffer, as District 1 would have no vote on a host of critical items decided by then, including, the 2014-2015 school year budget, the 6 billion school construction bond, the Local Control Funding Formula, Title I funding, the billion dollar iPad project, and Common Core Curriculum! That’s not good for the children.

Community is United Behind Appointing Dr. McKenna:

The harm to our kids from a special election is why our coalition of former school board members, educators, parents and education groups joining with other community groups is calling for an appointment NOT a special election. We are rallying behind our community’s most esteemed school principal and school administrator Dr. George McKenna III to complete Marguerite’s term. The board cannot deny that Dr. McKenna is supremely qualified and ready to lead District 1 on Day 1.