Month: January 2014

Coalition of California Black School Board Members Support Appointing McKenna

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California Coalition of Black School Board MembersThis is huge news.

The leadership of the Coalition of California Black School Board Members (CCBSBM) is urging the LAUSD Board to appoint George McKenna to the District 1 seat, and they sent a strongly worded letter including: “The eyes of national, state and other educational entities are on you!”

Join with them by signing the petition to LAUSD Board Members now.

In the letter, CCBSBM president and Stockton USD School Board Member Gloria Allen pointed to the transformational time that the next 6 months represent for school boards throughout California:

“This is a critical year for all California School Board Members to establish 2014-2015 school year budgets that incorporate the new Local Control Funding Formula (LCCFF) and adapting the Common Core State Standards. We are making landmark decisions as a result of the largest K-12 public education funding transformation in state of California, historically in 40 years. The new LCFF is intended to provide more funding, greater local control and more support for students that are low-income, English Language Learners and foster care youths. Like you, our decisions as school boards over the next months will define educational policy for an entire generation of learners.

“Accordingly, the urgency of significant policy, educational, budget and administrative decisions that must be made in the next 6 months is crucial. Therefore, to leave the District 1 seat vacant without a voice may be undemocratic, and marginalize over 600,000 citizens, nearly 100,000 school children and over 100 schools. The eyes of national, state and other educational entities are on you! Given, the long-lasting impact of the decisions that must be made by your Board of Education in the upcoming months, we find it important to collectively urge you to choose the appointment process. Our appointment recommendation is Dr. George McKenna III, whom our organization greatly respects and has had a longstanding relationship with as a highly qualified educator.”

The full text of the letter is below.

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Dr. Vladovic Will Decide the Fate of LaMotte’s Seat

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Dr. VladovicAs we draw closer to Tuesday’s defining LAUSD Board decision on whether to leave Marguerite LaMotte’s seat vacant for 6-8 long months to allow for a special election or fill it with the appointment of George McKenna, it has become clear that the decision rest with one man: LAUSD Board President Richard Vladovic.

Richard Vladovic is “The Decider.”

Richard Vladovic will determine whether the children and schools of District 1 will have immediate representation through an appointment of Dr. McKenna or are left without a representative for 6 to 8 months long months during critical budget items and the establishment of education policy that will impact a generation of learners.

Richard Vladovic will decide whether District 1 is at the decision-making table or on the menu.

It takes four votes for an appointment, and Dr. Richard Vladovic is the fourth vote the District 1 community needs.

Dr. Vladovic (known as “Dr. V.”) represents District 7, which includes historic South Central, Watts, Willowbrook, Carson, San Pedro and much of Gardena. Join with community groups at a meeting in his district to discuss the vacancy in District 1 on Saturday, January 4 at 10 am: Watts Education Town Hall.

Also, sign the petition/send an email to the LAUSD board and call him at 213-241-6385 today!