The effort to Appoint George McKenna III to the School Board to complete the unexpired term of the late Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte was a grassroots people-powered campaign led by education, parent, civil rights and civic association groups with the support of current and past members of the Board of Education and elected officials. It spawned from a decision made at the Black Community Clergy and Labor Alliance Steering Committee meeting on December 11, 2013.

We were all devastated by the loss of a true champion for school children, Marguerite LaMotte. Ms. LaMotte touched everyone who had the pleasure of coming into her contact. Unfortunately, some saw her death as an opportunity for political gain. They pushed for a costly and unnecessary “special election” process for reasons that has absolutely nothing to do with taking care of Marguerite’s “babies.”

We believe that the real and significant damage of failing to fill Marguerite’s seat for a 6 to 8 month special election process, which is sure to be dominated by special interests, is unconscionable. While adults would be busy playing politics, District 1 schools and children would be left to suffer, because they would have no a seat at the Board of Education table.

The alternative, and the best action the Board of Education could have taken for the children was to appoint a caretaker for Ms. LaMotte’s seat. The community’s most esteemed school principal and administrator is George McKenna III. He is the individual we all rallied behind and requested the Board of Education appoint.


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